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Qingdao Hongfu Group was founded in 1988, and headquartered in the beautiful coastal city Qingdao. It is a fishery industrialization company engaged in ocean marine products integrating global sourcing, processing, research and development, and sales. In recent years, the group has expanded its business scope to financial capital investment, commercial real estate, cold chain logistics warehouse, municipal landscape engineering and other fields according to the business strategic thought of "industrial development diversification"; after more than 30 years of development, Hongfu has developed into a group company with seven subsidiaries and 800 million RMB of assets.

The company is equipped with advanced processing production line and professionally assorted cold chain logistics warehouse, as well as a comprehensive quality management system, which has successively passed HACCP, BRC, MSC and other international certification and audit of Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI). Besides, the company's technology center has been identified as "Qingdao Technology Center".

The company has always adhered to pioneering, pragmatic, integrity and sustainable business philosophy, and has gained good reputation in both domestic and foreign markets and society. The company has been rated as "Top 100 Enterprises of Qingdao", "key export and foreign exchange-earning enterprise of Qingdao", "agricultural product processing leading enterprise of Qingdao", "independent innovation enterprise of Shandong Province", "agricultural products processing leading enterprise of Shandong Province", "national excellent food industry leading enterprise", "national integrity and law-abiding town enterprise" "national agricultural product export-type demonstration enterprise", "national first-batch of agricultural product processing demonstration enterprises" and other honorary titles; it has been awarded "AAA-level credit enterprise" and "provincial contract-abiding and integrity-focusing enterprise" for many years by related financial department. The products developed by the company have successively obtained two famous brands of Qingdao and two famous brands of Shandong; Hongdao brand has been successively awarded as famous trademark of Qingdao, famous trademark of Shandong, and China famous brand.

The company upholds integrity, aggressive, cooperative, and innovative enterprise values, and dares to undertake corporate and social responsibilities. It takes an active part in social public welfare activities, such as donations to schools. The company has donated 1 million Yuan free of charge for merging and establishment of Hongdao Middle School and also contributes hundreds of thousands Yuan for social charity each year. The company does not forget to love, and give back to society at the same time of its own development and ultimately won social respect.

Facing the future and challenges, the self-improved Hongfu people will continue to take firm steps, and forge ahead with the original heart.