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Introduction to the World's Three Largest Fisheries Exhibiti

Release time:2018-04-19 17:27

The origin of the international fisheries Exhibition
Boston aquatic products exhibition, Belgium fisheries exhibition and Qingdao fishery Expo are the three most famous fisheries Expo in the world. DBC, the United States, is the world's famous seafood exhibition organizer. In 1980, the company founded the only professional magazine in North America, "Sea Food Business", and then successfully held the Boston international aquatic exhibition in 1982. The exhibition successfully landed in Europe in 1993. The exhibition gradually developed into the most influential water in the world. One of the products trade shows. In 1996, we landed in Asia and held the first international fisheries exposition in China. China Qingdao fisheries Expo is also an international aquatic exhibition held by DBC company in Asia. It is co sponsored by the agricultural trade association of China International Trade Promotion Association.
Boston international aquaculture Exhibition
Seafood Expo North America
Exhibition time: March every year (this year is 2018.3.11-3.13 day).
Exhibition Center: Boston Exhibition Center, USA
Organizer: DBC company, USA

The United States is the largest economy in the world. Its high consumption power makes many countries want to enter the market, and the fishery is no exception. In 2015, a total of 1113 enterprises from 47 countries participated in the exhibition at the Boston fisheries exhibition, attracting 12731 professional audiences from 102 countries around the world. The total number of participants was 20409, with an exhibition area of 197430 square feet.
The Boston fisheries Expo is now one of the most influential and well-known seafood trade exhibitions in the world. The global buyers network of Boston fisheries Expo, Boston fisheries Expo is a shortcut for Chinese seafood and seafood to the world. The exhibition covers all aspects of the seafood industry, which are fresh, frozen, fresh, highly valued, brand and private. The Boston fisheries exhibition is an event for international buyers, suppliers, distributors, wholesalers, importers, exporters, middlemen and traders to publish or search for new products, contact customers, evaluate industry trends and understand the latest sea product technology. Due to the invitation and registration of professional audience and the standard procedures and higher requirements, the exhibition attracts aquatic products professionals from all over the world every year. The exhibition area is increasing every year, and its influence is increasing.

Qingdao International Fisheries Expo
China Fisheries & Seafood Expo
Exhibition time: November every year (this year is 2018.11.7-11.9 day).
Exhibition site: Qingdao International Expo Center
Organizer: International Council of agriculture Chinese industry branch, DBC company of America

The picture above is a photo taken by Li Xiushan, chairman of the company and chuck, President of the US aquaculture company.

The picture above is a photo taken by Li Xiushan, chairman of the company and CEO Joe, a fish company at the fish Expo.
China International Fisheries Expo ChinaFisheries&Seafood Expo is the largest and most influential seafood exhibition in Asia. As a global fishery fair, after more than twenty years of development, it has gradually grown into one of the international three major aquatic products trade fairs and the largest fisheries Expo in Asia. 2015 China International Fisheries Expo has gathered 27934 purchasers and suppliers from 96 countries and regions to the Expo and aquaculture exhibitions, including large global fishery chain purchasers, importers, processors, distributors, retailers and service providers.
The scope of the exhibition includes all kinds of fishery processing, marine fishing, ocean fishing, aquatic product freezing, preservation technology and equipment, ocean transportation and storage, comprehensive utilization of aquatic products, fishery equipment, fishery industry project cooperation, management and information technology, aquaculture management technology and so on.
China is a large country in fishery production and trade. China International Fisheries exposition has played an important role in promoting the sustainable and stable development of China's aquatic products trade. Aquatic products import and export trade has been developing steadily over the years. The export volume has been ranked first in the world for 11 consecutive years. Aquaculture is one of the most dynamic and unpredictable industries in the world. Every year, aquaculture faces many new changes and challenges. Such a high level professional exhibition like China International Fisheries Expo can attract people from all over the world to gather together to deal with new opportunities and challenges in the industry.

Brussels international aquaculture Exhibition
Exhibition time: April every year (this year is 2018.4.25-4.27 day).
Exhibition site: Brussels, Belgium
Organizer: DBC company, USA

European Seafood Exposition & SEAFOOD PROCESSING EUROPE (ESE & SPE) is also one of the most influential aquatic products trade exhibitions in the world, the Brussels aquatic exhibition of Belgium, the European fisheries and Fisheries Technology Expo (SEAFOOD PROCESSING EUROPE). The areas involved in the exhibition mainly include product research (fresh, frozen, added value products, brand products, brand products), distribution, supermarket retailing, processing and processing, import and export, production service and organization (quality control, finance, industry organization, industry computer and information system).
In 2016, the exhibition area of the Brussels International Fisheries exhibition was 70000 square meters, and 1761 Canadian exhibitors from 75 countries participated in the exhibition. The audience came from 25845 people from 145 countries and regions. The exhibition is held once a year to attract producers and professional traders from all over the world to bring together buyers and sellers in the aquatic products industry throughout Europe and the whole world. It is an ideal place to establish customer contact and order products in the aquatic industry. ESE is the most effective way for the global aquatic product industry to maintain the existing customers, display new products, find new buyers, evaluate the development trend of the industry and excavate the news of the industry.

A corner of the exhibition

The above picture is an attractive exhibitor

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Large number of oysters